• CandI HQ Heaven!

    "Where do you buy all your stock"?

    Top secret? But this is a question I get asked a lot!! So I thought I would show you a little piece of my heaven.

    Before officially starting Creative Candi, I had spent many months doing research on various aspects of the business, but the most important to me, was finding the 'right' sweet wholesaler.

    I never imagined how hard it would be, this was a major key factor for the business. It was to be weeks of hard work. It took trips to local wholesalers, suppliers, emails to online companies, but none of them had what I was looking for. They either didn't carry enough variety of stock, had huge shipping cost which would have pushed up my cost to you the customer, or never replied to emails - it was all ending in pure frustration, my dream was becoming a nightmare.

    I was almost at the point of giving up, when Tim (my partner) came across a local sweet wholesaler, I jumped for joy, as from this point onwards Creative Candi was born.

    I remember the first time we arrived, we had our youngest 2 children in tow, and it really was like being in Charlie and the chocolate factory............. we were all literally in heaven. We were quickly launched back to the past, shelves and shelves of sweets, it was surreal. It was a case of “Do you remember these" and "I loved those" and "What are they”??

    It is a warehouse that stocks over 3,000 different products (I can't even think of that many sweets, can you?), with new stock arriving daily, which means I can offer my clients a vast variety when choosing for their special occasion.

    So who would have thought, a sweet wholesaler so close to home that ticked all the right boxes, it certainly wasn't me, but without these guys, Creative Candi would not be in business today!!

    A little view into my world.........

    Our Candy HQ heaven.


  • Hello......

    Hello, and welcome to our new blog, we hope you will enjoy all the lastest news, gossip, products and sweet facts from Creative Candi HQ.

    I would like to start our blog with some really exciting news!!

    Last year, I was fortunate enough to be asked if Creative Candi would like to be a part of a wedding photo shoot in Surrey, by the lovely Stacey-Marie Chalk of Cherry Topped and Juliet McKee of Juliet McKee Photography; of course I accepted and the rest is history :).

    This was to be Creative Candi's first ever photo shoot..

    The day turned out to be a huge success, I met some lovely people from all aspects of the wedding industry, it was a beautiful sunny day, with a sea of colour of lemon, citrus lime, bows and curls adorned, just perfect. The attention to detail was truly breath taking.

    I think we all left the shoot feeling very happy but tired, and all that remained was the M25!!

    A few weeks later, I got to see the pictures - Juliet had done well, the pictures were stunning, and yes I do have a few favourites :). I also got to know that the shoot was going to be published in two of the top UK wedding blogs, Love My Dress and Rock My Wedding, awesome.

    The compliments received were overwhelming for the team, Brides from far and near loved it, the colour scheme, attention to detail, and as far as i know, the bows were a hit too ;).

    Just before Christmas I got the news I was hoping to hear - the shoot was going to print!

    Wow, the first shoot we had ever been a part of, was going to be in Wedding Magazine, that would sit upon the shelves of WH Smith, you can imagine my excitement, I was overwhelmed.

    So roll round to 8th March, The day the magazine went on sale!

    I just happened to have a meeting in town that morning, so spared a few minutes to pop to the said shop and purchase my very own copy to keep, and further more treasure for the children for when they are older - Mummy was famous for 1 day (I felt like it, anyhow).

    The magazine, is amazing! The concept, style and colours have all come together to really give you a possibility of a unique wedding; I wonder if anyone will decide to use the shoot as idea's for their own wedding? - would be lovely to find out.

    Creative Candi is so happy to of been a part of this truly dedicated wedding industry team........... they really are a special bunch of ladies. :)

    So what better way to start a blog. Lets hope this is a sign of good luck and I very much hope you have enjoyed reading.......



Sweet Facts

Bon Bon -

The first reports of bonbons come from the 17th century, when they were made at the French royal court.
Their name arose from the infantile reduplication of the word bon, meaning 'good'.